Through our intelligence-led approach to security and incorporation of new technologies, Assaye Risk prides itself on being able to provide discreet and cost-effective services.  In addition to providing demonstrable and accountable security, the integration of corporate social responsibility (CSR) into our service delivery ensures ethical conduct and reputational benefits for our clients.




Assaye Risk provides comprehensive security reviews covering all areas of competence and delivery, in line with Security Management best practice.  Our audits and reviews are conducted in cooperation with clients to ensure that recommendations are constructive and achievable.

Case study

The issue.   Our client was experiencing significant daily security incidents despite allocation of a substantial security budget.  Assaye Risk was asked to provide consultancy advice and recommendations to enhance their security.

Our approach.   A review was conducted of previous incidents, processes, procedures and organisational structure of security.  One of our teams was embedded with the client security team to understand the realities of the situation and working culture to ensure that the solutions were practical for the client to implement.

The outcome.   Recommendations from security strategy to site security planning were provided and implemented.  These directly contributed towards a decrease in security incidents, improved reputation and a significant reduction in operational costs.


Effective security is rarely created by increasing manpower, which only inflates budgets.  Assaye Risk’s Research & Analysis team supports operational security delivery through the provision of risk and threat analysis, and quantifying specific threats with temporal and spacial analytics.  Provision of client specific geo-political reports enable companies to orient a specific external threat to the business, and understand what, if any, risks are prevalent.

Case study

The issue.   A client with limited finances wanted to explore how they might increase security effectiveness without increasing costs.

Our approach.   Using data analysis techniques such as geospatial and temporal analysis, we helped the client to focus security assets where they were most likely to have the greatest benefit.  Supporting research was conducted and delivered covering specific changes to key personnel and the operating environment which identified areas of increasing risk to the business.

The outcome.   Through maximising effective utility of existing security assets, our client’s security team reduced their budget while continuing to meet challenges of the environment.


Our ability to provide intelligent, high-quality security management teams in support of client operations is proven.  Where a client cannot effectively re-orientate or re-structure operational security on their own, our teams can provide experienced support and assistance to enable those changes. 

Case study

The issue.   Frequent and high volumes of violent trespassers were costing our client millions of dollars every year in operational shutdowns and significant reputational damage. Assaye was asked to provide management support to their security delivery.

Our approach.   After a top-to-bottom assessment of the situation, Assaye deployed a small team to manage the site security.  Changes were implemented in processes, procedures and the approach to security, which prioritised protection of people, operations, key assets and reduced confrontation.

The outcome.   There was a reduction in security expenditure in excess of ten million U.S. dollars directly attributable to our security approach during the first 12 months of service.


Cost effective security requires risk review and dedicated operational/structural design.  Assaye can conduct this design to determine the most appropriate structure to ensure sustained delivery, and coordinate subsequent implementation.

Case study

The issue.   Assaye were commissioned by a national government to develop a blueprint for an oil protection unit (OPU) of 580 people.  The unit would act as a dedicated defensive force to mitigate security threats against ongoing operations conducted by extractives.

Our approach.   Assaye conducted the blueprint planning and subsequent tender process under the authority of the respective government and United Nations. 

The outcome.   The roadmap provided a comprehensive training and procurement program delivering a well-trained and fully-equipped unit which continues to operate.

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