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Assaye seeks to enable freedom of operation in the delivery of business success.  Gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage requires the holistic management of stakeholders.  Assaye has brought on board expert associates with decades of experience working across the globe with major extractives, government and non-government organisations.  In support of a strategic vision, Assaye is at the heart of transforming on behalf of its client the development and delivery of a coherent external and government affairs framework which has built into it a tailored CSR programme.




The importance to organisational survival of having processes and procedures in place to deal with unforeseen crises cannot be overstated.  

Case study

The issue.   A client became engaged in a dynamic, multi-billion-dollar dispute with a host-government.  We were asked to embed consultants and associates across their business functions from the strategic to operational levels throughout the crisis to assist development and delivery of a response.

Our approach.   Assaye Risk was able to leverage off its unique experience in the development of a tailored crisis management plan which required six key components:

  • Leadership
  • Authenticity
  • Transparency
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Creativity

The outcome.   Through our coherent engagement across the business and with external stakeholders, the client could continue its operations.  Assaye Risk also helped our client to reshape its future business strategy.


Through systematic analysis it is possible to identify and prioritise key people who might influence an organisation’s ability to achieve objectives.

Case study

The issue.   A change in government meant that our client needed to update its understanding of key decision-makers and influencers both inside, and outside government, who had the capacity to impact their business.

Our approach.  Our in-country team were able to identify the key figures influencing operations of our client.  Subsequently, we tapped into our network of local contacts to develop an understanding of key individuals’ motivations, interests and influence.

The outcome.   By understanding the new government’s drivers and individual’s concerns, our client was able to prioritise resources to maximise positive outcomes.


Having identified stakeholders aligned with specific objectives, Assaye can advise on how they might be influenced to assist the organisation.

Case study

The issue.   A client experiencing communication difficulties with their host government needed support to develop and execute a stakeholder engagement strategy to reduce frictions.

Our approach.   Informed by our stakeholder mapping, an engagement strategy was tailored to address concerns of stakeholders and gain their support on specific issues.  Central to the strategy was to establish long-term partnerships built on mutual trust and shared vision.

The outcome.   Our stakeholder strategy contributed to a resolution of on-going issues and has since helped our client to foster better stakeholder relations.


Purposeful internal and external communication can be used to remove potentially damaging confusion and establish the organisation’s position with regards to key issues.

Case study

The issue.   A client experiencing high levels of public scrutiny which had led to misreporting in the media wanted to publicly clarify their position.

Our approach.   After analysing all stakeholders and the operating environment, we developed a communications plan which achieved the client’s objective while adhering to the principle of “do no further harm”.  This included communication, dialogue and liaison with all parties and decision makers who the client wanted to inform and influence.

The outcome.   Clear and concise communication of facts and actions directly led to better public understanding of the issue.  Subsequently, information from our communications was used by media outlets to refute fictitious claims.

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