Due Diligence

Key legislation and compliance governance require companies to conduct due diligence and critically analyse the opportunities and risks before making key business decisions.  Assaye Risk has experience in conducting discreet due diligence across a broad scope of issues, from human resources to financial Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, to enable informed management decisions by our clients.




Information not typically reported by companies or not required to be disclosed through compliance regulations can have a profound impact on the risks associated with business-to-business transactions and dealings.  This could include the past business dealings of key management personalities, potential operational issues or past performance checks, all of which need to be identified and understood.

Case Study

The issue.   A multinational corporation was contemplating a business merger.  Prior to making any decision, our client wanted to know if there were any issues associated with the target company’s business or management activities.

Our approach.   As with all our work, discretion was central to this task.  A comprehensive report was produced which provided the insight regarding mergers the target company had previously been involved in, understanding their internal business activities and identifying a number of ongoing corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues in which the business was engaged.

The outcome.   This information shaped our client’s approach to the potential merger and allowed them to understand the scope of business and reputational risks involved.


Understanding the person or people behind a name or a company has become increasingly important. The burden of responsibility for understanding and meeting regulations sits with those working within the financial industry or in industries which involve high value transactions.

Case study

The issue.   A financial institution required support in complying with regulations linked to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT).

Our approach.   Our holistic approach incorporating information from financial databases, social media, and open / closed sources provides an enhanced due diligence report identifying key issues with individuals and corporations.

The outcome.   Informed with an Assaye Risk due diligence check, the client had peace of mind that the appropriate checks had been carried out, and that they had been informed regarding specific compliance risks.


Human resources departments have traditionally conducted their own checks into potential employees.  In modern business, this is not enough.  Education certificates can be falsified, employees may be politically exposed and unsuitable for employment in specific sectors, and social media postings can cause significant reputational damage to the client’s business.

Case study

The issue.   A client with a multinational workforce required background screening checks to be conducted for its overseas applicants and staff.

Our approach.   Our professional intelligence analysts conducted both discreet and overt background checks, and provided reports covering high-level simple checks, through to bespoke in-depth reports as requested for each specific case.

The outcome.   The client was provided with assurance regarding overseas applicants for positions, and for staff moving into sensitive and critical areas of the business.


In some instances there is a requirement to understand the possible motivations, people and companies behind specific transactions or business activities.  Through our investigative service we can provide greater understanding of the broader context and circumstances surrounding these entities to enable informed decision making.

Case study

The issue.   A client of a financial institution had unknowingly become the target of a scam involving the purchase of religious artwork allegedly valued at US$1 billion.  The institution concerned requested that the client take on the services of Assaye Risk to perform due diligence.

Our approach.   Open source investigation, use of databases, interviews, and comprehensive research were conducted over a compressed time period to provide a detailed report covering the individuals, companies and specific areas of risk that had been requested.

The outcome.   Within five days Assaye had concluded the investigation and delivered the report preventing the institution’s client from making further fraudulent payments.  The investigation flagged the fraudulent activity and then categorised entities as actively involved, unwilling participants and victims.

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