The Assaye Risk Portal

The pace of change in the operating environment is relentless and for those constantly switching from one task to another it can be difficult to keep up. Failure to maintain situational awareness often results in missed opportunities or timely identification of developing risks. Our team of dedicated analysts are constantly monitoring emerging issues, threats and risks throughout East Africa to keep you informed. Our analysis identifies the impact of changes in the operating environment so that you are provided with an accurate and clear understanding of the risks and associated consequences.

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Monitoring Incidents

The Assaye Portal provides daily updates on the latest political, economic, social, security and environmental issues in East Africa to inform users of potential risks. A description of events is provided, linked to a location and detailing the key actors involved. Using the incident map, it is possible to track previous events and set custom filters which allow the user to select specific dates and countries of interest.


Our in-depth analytical papers cover our main operating countries of Burundi, Kenya, Mauritius, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda and provide targeted assessment for companies operating in the region. The Assaye Portal gives a weekly update for each country and themed analysis of broader issues impacting the region such as investment, development, security and governance.

Bespoke Information

Clients using the Assaye Portal are able to contact one of our research analysts who can provide greater detail where required.

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