Service Delivery

Our service delivery solutions assist our clients in ensuring the safety of their assets and personnel throughout their project lifetime and also work to improve efficiency and limit corruption.


Understanding and managing security risk is Assaye Risk’s core business and specialism. We are highly skilled in assessing threats and vulnerabilities; designing bespoke strategies and solutions; training personnel; installing security management systems or assigning highly experienced and capable staff to implement and manage security models and systems.

Supply Chain Analysis and Security

Through our team of specialist analysts we are able to identify key, preventable losses across all levels of the supply chain.


Operating Environment Analysis

Operating environments are complex and changeable, particularly in emerging markets. Assaye Risk’s experienced analysts enable our clients to understand the political, regulatory and security climate in which they work, as well as identify the relevant local stakeholders and cultural dynamics.


The ability to protect your investment, people, assets and reputation often relies on being able to present a clear, factual account in an objective manner. Our investigators are experienced in conducting in-depth, complex assignments to support our clients’ business needs. Investigations typically encompass criminality and human rights abuses as well as wider reputational threats to a business.

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