Risk Management Frameworks

We support our clients with risk management frameworks which provide them with clear guidance and a handrail for understanding and managing their risks at a corporate level.

In the United Kingdom, our work meets the Financial Regulation Council’s requirement to ensure mature risk management processes throughout the company right up to board level.

Audit and Assessments

Our highly qualified security risk specialists conduct an independent audit of the non-technical risks being held by the business. This audit, together with its recommendations, can support decisions on insurance and guarantee that the corporate duty of care is realised throughout the business.

Corporate Non-Technical Risk Framework

Our specialists assess and understand the non-technical risks being held by our clients at a corporate level. In close consultation with the client, they can then develop a risk framework that serves to guide operational planning.


Crisis Management and Business Continuity

Our specialists work with our clients in high risk environments to formulate corporate crisis-management and emergency response plans as required. We also provide a business continuity strategy tailored to each individual business.

Processes and Procedures

We support our clients’ own risk management frameworks by ensuring the necessary processes and procedures, as well as supporting documentation, are in place. These will be stress tested to ensure flow-down from corporate to operational level.

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