Our Clients

Assaye supports a wide range of clients across a number of sectors to enable their success.


Acacia Mining

Assaye supports Acacia Mining in Tanzania and Africa more widely with the management of their non-technical risk. Services range from the design and delivery of a corporate security strategy, operational security design on mine sites, information collection and analysis and investigations capabilities and country-entry support for their Discovery arm.

Rio Tinto

Assaye provided market-entry, country and operational risk assessment services and secure logistics support in a number of African countries to ensure the safe deployment of small teams of geologists to remote areas.



Upper Quartile

Assaye produced country entry risk assessments and provided security advisory support to a DfID-evaluation programme in Nigeria to ensure the safety of their consultants.


Assaye has provided country and security risk assessment support to enable their successful delivery of DfID-sponsored programmes and projects across the globe. We have also provided strategic thought and operational design for them to enable them to bid for large UK Government-related projects in complex environments.


SNL Financial

Assaye conducted security vulnerability assessments of SNL Financial’s key financial data centres in Pakistan and India.

Legal companies

Assaye has conducted local partner due diligence investigations on behalf of a number of legal firms for their clients to establish ground truth.


Oil & Gas

Genel Energy

Assaye provided support to enabling the development of GE’s oil concessions in Somaliland including the production of a design blueprint for an Oil Protection Unit to support International Oil Companies security needs in conjunction with the Government of Somaliland.

Dodsal Resources

Assaye conducted a detailed assessment of Dodsal’s assets across Tanzania with a particular focus on the risk exposures of their gas field licence.

Other client sectors include infrastructure, private security and media.